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 Live Afro House DJ set

New release coming soon... 

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Sangit, a multifaceted producer, composer percussionist and DJ from Israel,

embarking on a new solo project -  Live Afro house DJ set

with some new releases coming up this year. 

In a one's man show, Sangit plays his original afro house as the music evolving

live on stage with layers of live percussions and analog synth lines.

Sangit has released three full length studio albums over the past 4 years, 

sighed by top world music labels - Cumbancha US and Riverboat UK, (read more in bio)

His passion for African music and the sounds of the globe has led him to collaborate 

with a wide range of artists from different backgrounds and cultures 

from Israel and beyond, Including popular artists such as Ladino diva Yasmin Levi,

Grammy award winning Dubet Gnahore and Rocky Downy, video mash-up star Kutiman, 

Ethiopian legend Mahmoud Ahmed, Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen and many others.


With each of his projects, Sangit continues to redefine the boundaries of contemporary music, 

inviting audiences on a transcendent journey through rhythm, melody, sound and cultural fusion.

As his musical odyssey unfolds, he remains a beacon of creativity,

collaboration and innovation in the global music landscape.

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